OLAE Sponsors

OLAE would like to thank the following for their sponsorship and support.

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Yappie Club Supporters

OLAE Yappie Club Supporters have donated $200 or more. 

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McDonald McGarry Insurance Brokers Logo.
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  • Rod Bohstedt & Nathan (woof)

  • Steve and Lisa Freeman in loving memory of Lucy Freeman

  • Brian Albright & Kiko (woof)

  • Vivian Adams and Rosie and Macee (woof)

  • Jacque McLaughlin

  • Victoria Vernon in grateful memory of Magpie

  • Ted Wilkins

  • Coco Beuchet

  • B.B. Granda

  • Alicia Brattin

  • Tracy Kilmer-March

Best Friend Lounge Supporters

OLAE Best Friend Lounge Supporters have donated $51-$99.

  • Colleen, Tom, and Mona (woof) Williams

  • Nick Lukson

  • Jon, Sally and Penny Raymond

  • David Scholsser

  • Pat Groff and Banner

  • Wallace Danielson

  • Shannan Trivett

  • Tim Humphries & Luke (woof)

  • Bruce Anderson

  • Grant Palmer & Elvis (woof)

  • Vivian Adams and Roxie & Macee (woof)

  • Gloria Anderson

  • Bruce Lindeke and Beary

  • Glenda Konkol

  • The Govan Family & Kona

  • Lorraine Monroe

  • Pat and Nancy Hawkes

  • Terry Russell in loving memory of Franki

  • Dondi and Ted Modrezejewski & Chiquita (woof)

  • Trader Joe's Lynnwood

  • Shay and Kyle Hastler

  • Louis and Patricia Leatham in honor of Haakon the Good

  • Diane Buckshnis & Spike

  • Bonnie Klasell & Maggie

  • Lori Parsons & Beary

  • Ross Monroe

  • Steve Tholl and Spike

  • Ben Groff

  • Garden Gear

  • EarthArt International

K-9 Veteran's Memorial Statue Supporters

OLAE Best Friend Lounge Supporters have donated $51-$99.

  • Jolene Otter and Kirby in memory of Payton, Kirby's Alsatian Freinemy

  • Laura Van Leuven

  • Pat Groff

  • Hal Zach

  • Richard B. Glassburn

  • Kathe Matrone

  • Anne Temple

  • Bode and Herman Freeman (woof)

  • Shane and Heidi DeBoer

  • Darlin Brint

  • Kona Govan (woof)

  • Kent Walker

  • Diane Buckshnis and Steve Tholl in loving memory of Marjorie Buckshnis

  • Renee McRae

  • John and Carol Austenfeld & Sam

  • John and Anne Winskie

  • Steve Tholl and Diane Buckshnis loving memory of Edith Tholl