How OLAE was formed:
Determined efforts of volunteers have kept the park clean since it was designated as an off leash area several years
ago.  What is remarkable is early in the morning, every morning, for over eight years, one tireless volunteer who goes
by the initials B.B. was found cleaning up the off leash area or more precisely, disposing of the “poo” from the small
percentage of careless dog owners who use the park.  Her passion for keeping our off leash area clean and watching
over it as a valuable asset finally caught fire in 2005 when she teamed up with a few volunteers who decided it was
time to get organized.   

After a few meetings and an informal survey at the off leash area on July 23 and 24 of 2005, the group formed the non-
profit corporation known as Off Leash Area Edmonds.  On March 22, 2006, OLAE was granted its 501(c)(3) status as
defined by the Internal Revenue Code.  All contributions are now tax deductible.

OLAE's  primary missions are:
Becoming responsible users and stewards of the off leash area promoting off leash dog recreation and usage.  OLAE's  
secondary mission is fund raising efforts that will be directed to sustain daily park maintenance and provide funds for
future projects.  Our main goal is to gain volunteers to assist us in keeping this valuable asset an enjoyable experience.
1)  Cutting the grass in summer 2005 in which .88 tons of grass was removed and subsequent cuttings each quarter.
2) Working with the City of Edmonds to get water to the site.
3) Placing gravel/rocks in the large puddles of standing water.
4) Removing trees and stumps located in the front plateau area of which .75 tons was removed.
5)  Working with the City of Edmonds to obtain garbage removal and the addition of three Rules and Responsibility
6) Working with Kevin Govan and Boy Scout Troop 312 for adding the double gated entry system.
7) Working with Matt Corwin who donated the two fire hydrants.
8) Working with Boy Scout Troop 319 and adding two plastic bag dispensing stations.
9) Working with the public to educate them to keep the park clean by providing quarterly newsletters and our yearly
Halloween Howl.
10) Working with the Lynnwood Pack 363 Webelos Pack I and II to add a bulletin board to further educate our users.
11) Boy Scouts from Troop 312 builds agility course in 2011
fun stuff!
from Montana State University. He did his post doctoral research and residency in Comparative Pathology
from Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Gr G. practices medicine at the Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic in
Lynnwood. Dr. G served as the president of OLAE until 2009 and has been a frequent contributor to the
OLAE Newsletters. We're pleased to bring you excerpts from his previous articles.
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q&a with dr. g
a few of our favorite books
frequently asked questions
the most level area to install and a pedestrian gate was added for those who would like to venture beyond. At low tides dogs may be able to get around the fence
perimeter, as always please exercise good judgement and care.  Do not go onto the railroad tracks, that is private property of Burlington Northern Rail company.
Going onto the tracks is considering tresspassing.

At the north end of the park (where the pier used to be) its possible to scramble across the rocks and enter Marina Beach Park.

Please note the city of Edmonds does not allow dogs (leashed or otherwise) in Marina Beach Park.
Image used with permission.
Right of Way Dogs
Image used with permission.
Right of Way Dogs